TCX Street Ace Boots Review


Looks can be deceiving, especially if you are referring to the protective capabilities of the TCX Street Ace Waterproof Boots. These are reinforced, armoured boots with a sleek urban look, offering supreme protection and comfort whether you are riding or walking. Of course, compared to big, bulky boots that go halfway up your leg, you won’t get as much protection. However, there is padding and armour in all of the right places. Below is a review of the TCX Street Ace Waterproof Boots, where I will elaborate on what makes these some of the best street-style shoes on the market.


  • Comfortable & Stylish
  • Highly protective
  • Waterproof lining
  • Can be used off the bike easily

Introducing the TCX Street Ace Boots

TCX Street Ace Waterproof Boots Review
Pictured: TCX Street Ace Waterproof Boots (TCX Street Ace Boots Review)

Style: Motorcycle Sneakers

Material: Full-grain Leather

Sizes: US 3.5 – 13

Ventilation: No

Waterproofing: Yes | Shell | Removable lining

Certifications: CE Level 1 EN 13634:2017

Lining: Yes | Removable Waterproof Lining

Closure System: Laces


+ Comfortable & Stylish

+ Highly Protective

+ Well Priced


Not for use in Summer

Trickier to maintain than a normal leather shoe



The TCX Street Ace boots are CE approved in all areas to EN 13634:2017. This means that as well as the abrasion and impact resistance, the boots also have crush-resistant soles. In addition, these boots have reinforcements and armouring in the ankle, heel, malleolus, and toe region. Although these boots will never be as protective as racing style, full height motorcycle boots, they offer comfort and style both on and off the bike, with enough protection to be viable in your commute.


These boots come in two variants, the Air and the Waterproof. Comfort is handled differently on the two, but I will be focusing on the Waterproof ones. A waterproof liner is located inside the boot, meaning that you won’t be stuck dealing with any moisture on a stormy day. There are no perforations located on the exterior, unlike the Air variant. This means that these boots may be slightly uncomfortable for summer use.

Thankfully though, in conditions suited to using the boots, I found them to be exceedingly comfortable. There is a soft leather interior, and all of the right places are reinforced. They even perform well off of the bike, remaining comfortable while walking around. However, once the shoes broke in, it was surprising to notice that the comfort of these boots rivalled many of the normal days to day shoes that I have.


The Street Ace boots come with a wear-resistant rubber sole, which means they will retain their grip, thickness, and durability even after months of heavy use. In addition, they feature a classic lace-up enclosure system and lack a lazy zip on the side. This helps them look fashionable off the bike. Unfortunately, they tie up and look similar to a Converse shoe, so you can still miss the top two holes for that classic look. Due to the use of rough leather, you can’t polish the leather on these shoes like any other boot. They require special care.

Final Thoughts

These boots are a highly protective, comfortable and stylish purchase. There are not many other boots that meet this delicate balance both on and off the bike. It is entirely possible to wear these all night after wearing them all day. However, they aren’t really suited for use all year round and can get warm rather quickly given a chance to. At this stage, though, in the colder and wetter months, I don’t think I will be wearing any other boot for my inner-city rides.

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