REV’IT! Sand 3 Jacket Review

REV!IT Sand 3 Jacket

The REV’IT! Sand 3 Jacket is considered to be one of the best adventure jackets on the market. Not only is it lightweight and durable, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. With the recent release of the Sand 4 range in Australia, we’ve decided to see if this predecessor of the new collection still holds up and if it’s worth buying. With the new collection on its way, you might even be able to snag this jacket at an even better price. Below is our REV’IT Sand 3 Jacket Review.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Incredible ventilation

Introducing the REV’IT! Sand 3

REV'IT! Sand 3 Jacket Review
Pictured: REV’IT! Sand 3 Jacket

Sizes: S-4XL

Certifications: Shoulder: CE II | Elbow: CE II

Material: Polyester | Ripstop | PWR

Liners: 2 | Removable Hydratex Waterproof Liner | Zipped-In Thermal Liner

Ventilation: Chest & Arm Intakes | Back Exhaust

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: Laminated Reflector Strips

Pockets: Front: 2 | Back: 1

Connection Zipper: Yes

Style: Adventure


+ Lightweight

+ Durable

+ Versatile


Back protector not included

Fairly expensive

Fitment & Utility

The Sand 3 offers an incredibly flexible fit with adjustment straps located on the forearms and the waist. REV’IT! also offers the jacket in sizes ranging from small to 4-XL. The inclusion of the adjustment straps accommodates for every body shape, paired with the huge range of available sizes means that the Sand 3 is suitable for most people.

The jacket also comes equipped with an adjustable snap closure system for the collar, with an adjuster attached to the right-hand is also a snap to hold the collar open on the left, which keeps the neck exposed. The Hydratex liner also has a short stand-up collar that includes a thin micro-fleece liner. The Sand 3 has a couple of connection zippers on the inside, which allows for a simple connection to the pants. This ensures that the jacket does not ride up.


The REV’IT! Sand 3 Jacket comes with CE level 2 certified Seeflex protectors on the shoulders and elbows, which is a step up from the previous Sand 2’s CE level 1 protection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a back protector, but there is room for an optional CE level 2 back insert.

There is reinforced texturing in the flex and stress areas, which is extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. There are additional thicker panels of fabric over the elbows and around the neck. Placed in strategic locations are laminated reflector strips. They are not branded, but they are highly effective.

Ventilation & Waterproofing

The outer shell of the REV’IT! Sand 3 is slightly waterproof, so it can’t stay in the rain for too long but will be adequate for light rain and short rides. For heavier downpours and longer trips, the Sand 3 comes with a Hydratex liner, which keeps you completely dry regardless of the downpour. All liners and the outer shell will dry easily if you hang them up to dry separately. Plus, the Hydratex liner can be stored in the jacket’s back pocket when it’s not in use.

The sleeves have massive 52 cm long dual zipper vents, which you can open to any position without obstruction. There are also 27 cm long chest vents that have a REV’IT! 3D mesh backing. Located on the back of the arms are two vertical vents that are 20cm long, acting as an exhaust. The zippers are easy to move around and easy to access, partially thanks to the large Vislon zipper teeth. With the removal of both the Hydratex ad the thermal liner, ventilation is incredibly efficient and can be felt over your entire body.


The REV’IT! Sand 3 jacket is a true all-season jacket that can perform well in hot and cold conditions. Thanks to the incredible ventilation solution paired with the 3D mesh, warm weather will not be an issue. The jacket also comes with two separate liners: a thermal liner and a Hydratex liner which are guaranteed to protect you from cold and wet conditions. Since you can remove the liners on a hot day, a great amount of airflow can enter the jacket and keep you cool.

The Sand 3 is incredibly lightweight, which does much for comfort, allowing you to move unhindered. Plus, if it’s raining, the extra weight from the water won’t drag you down as much as other jackets. A seamless armpit stretch panel gives you a level of comfort, which is not typically seen in other jackets. It removes the irritation that you get from rubbing up against fabric seems, and it makes the jacket feel like it is always fitted correctly.


As previously mentioned, this jacket comes with a removable thermal liner and a Hydratex waterproof liner. The Sand 3 is capable of taking on all climates and conditions because of this combination of features. The Sand 3 is also compatible with the Leatt and Moveo neck brace and the challenger cooling vest and Hi-Viz connector vests.

Located on the front are two easily accessible pockets, which are very large and include a snap closure. Behind these pockets is an additional arm warmer pocket. You can place your hands in these from the side. These arm warmer pockets are not for storage but warm your hands when you are in cold conditions. The pocket on the back is huge and can be used to store your liner when it’s not in use.

Final Thoughts

The REV’IT! Sand 3 Jacket is an extremely versatile and durable jacket. Although it has an above-average price point, it is worth every cent. It sports an eye-catching design and pairs that with a highly adjustable fitment using abrasion-resistant materials. This, paired with the included CE level 2 shoulder and elbow protection and the additional fitment option for a Moveo or Leatt neck brace, makes it one of the most feature-packed jackets on the market currently. Excellent ventilation ensures that it is super comfortable for the warmer times of the year, plus the removable thermal and waterproof liners allow this jacket to be used in all conditions, all year round. This is one of the best jackets on the market and a personal favourite. I’m looking forward to trying the Sand 4 collection.

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