RST Pro Series Adventure-X Jacket Review


The RST Pro Series Adventure-X Jacket has become one of the most popular jackets for adventure riders across Australia and the world. This double-layered, lightweight, comfortable, and extremely-protective jacket is a must-have for adventure riding. The Pro Series Adventure-X Jacket comes with CE certification and back, elbow and shoulder protection, making it incredibly safe. Dakar Rally finisher and adventure riding enthusiast Mick Extance swears by this jacket and even had some input in its design. Perfect for all four seasons, this might be the only adventure jacket you will ever need.

Review Summary:

  • High level of protection
  • Detail in design
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Preferable for warm climates

Introducing The RST Pro Series Adventure-X

Jacket Review RST Pro Series Adventure-X front view
Pictured: RST Pro Series Adventure-X front.

Sizes: S-5XL

Style: Adventure

Material: MaxTex

Liner: X-Liner

Ventilation: Chest & Arm Intakes

Waterproof Shell: No

Protection: Back: CE II | Shoulders: CE II | Elbows: CE II

Reflectors: Yes – Reflex Logos

Pockets: Front: 2 | Back: 1


+ Ventilation is well thought out

+ Amazing level of protection

+ Great attention to detail in design


Airbag system is not built for serious off-road riding

A bit hot for summer


Fitment & Utility

From sizes ranging from 40/S – 54/5XL, you’ll easily be able to find an RST Pro Series Adventure-X Jacket that fits your body perfectly. With stretch motion and adjustment points on the arms and waist, you can customise this jacket to fit your body better. This ultimately means that the Adventure-X Jacket will fit almost every body type, making it the ultimate piece of gear for all adventure riders.

This jacket also comes fitted with a fixed internal mesh comfort lining, making it even more comfortable. With two pockets located on the outer-front and a large map pocket on the back, the Pro Series Adventure-X has plenty of utility. Additionally, the Adventure-X also includes a 360° connection zipper. This is located at the jacket’s base and allows you to attach the matching Adventure-X pants and ultimately stops the jacket from riding up.


The armour included with this jacket has a CE certification of AA with CE 2 back, elbow, and shoulder protection. The Pro Series Adventure-X also has ballistic textile on zone 2 critical areas that ensure a great deal of abrasion resistance and impact mitigation. RST combines this ballistic material with MaxTex, a high denier synthetic fabric that balances protection and ergonomics. Additionally, all of the Pro Series Adventure-X logos are reflective, greatly increasing visibility and, in turn, safety.

Ventilation & Waterproofing

One of the main features of the Pro Series Adventure-X is its X-Liner. This lightweight, removable liner combines both a quilted thermal layer and a SinAqua waterproof membrane, keeping you warm and dry out on your rides. The X-Liner can also be stored in the jacket’s map pocket when not in use. This liner is best suited for cold, wet weather and can easily be detached and stored away when the weather starts to warm up. Unfortunately, having the liner on isn’t ideal for wet-weather riding during the summer months as the jacket can get quite warm due to the thermal lining. Furthermore, the space between the X-Liner and the outer shell can remain damp for days if not removed and dried separately after use.

Chest and arm intakes handle ventilation on this jacket, which channels through the inside and exits via the rear exhaust. You can also adjust all of the air intakes with the zippers. Secondly, the fixed comfort mesh lining makes the RST Pro Series Adventure-X ideal for riding in warmer climates. The ventilation on this jacket is excellent and extremely customisable.


The RST Pro Series Adventure-X is a four-season jacket and perfect for riding all year round. However, as mentioned previously, you have to be cautious if you’re wearing this jacket on rainy summer days. This is because the thermal, waterproof liner will make you warmer and decrease the jacket’s breathability. Therefore, the comfortability of the jacket is subject to the conditions you are riding in. Although four-season functionality is realistic, it’s not always practical. The Adventure-X provides unparalleled comfort in ideal conditions thanks to the comfort mesh lining, incredible ventilation, and customizable intakes.

Weather aside, this jacket remains extremely comfortable. It features stretch motion panels and adjustment points on the arm and waist. These additions increase flexibility and tailor the fit to suit a wider variety of builds. Plus, these are features that are not commonly found on other jackets, so it’s a huge plus that RST added them in.


Located on the back is a large map pocket that can double as storage space for the X-Liner. On top of that, this pocket is also removable. When touring, this can be incredibly useful when you need to get off the bike and access your belongings with ease. Above this pocket, a compartment is built into the back of the jacket, which is designed to hold a water bladder. The straw comes up over the shoulder and enters through the bottom of the helmet, which allows you to keep hydrated on your ride.

Final Thoughts

The RST Pro Series Adventure-X jacket is top-of-the-line and one of the best adventure jackets on the market. Endorsed by adventure riding specialist Mick Extance, not many jackets can offer the same level of protection and comfort that this one can. At only AU$600, this jacket is well worth its price. Most adventure jackets in this price range lack the same level of comfort, protection and utility as the Adventure-X. Overall, this is one of the best adventure jackets on the market, and with four-season wearability, it’s perfect for every adventure rider.

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