Ixon Vortex 2 Leather Jacket Review


Inspired by the full-leather racing outfit with the same name, the Ixon Vortex 2 leather jacket may have a very sporty cut, but it’s incredibly comfortable. This is thanks to the large areas of stretch leather that help improve the jacket’s flexibility. Additionally, the micro-perforated leather in the arms and chest makes it an excellent jacket to beat the Australian summer heat. You also have a high level of protection resulting in an incredibly safe and versatile jacket for the more sporty riders. In this Ixon Vortex 2 leather jacket review, we look into why this jacket is one of our favourite sports jackets.

Review Summary:

  • Highly protective
  • Effective ventilation
  • Sporty cut
  • Externally located TPU caps on shoulders and elbows

Introducing The Ixon Vortex 2 Leather Jacket

Pictured: Ixon Vortex 2 Leather Jacket features

Style | Seasonality: Leather Jacket | Summer

Sizes: S – 4XL

Certification: Shoulders: CE Level 2 | Elbows: CE Level 2

Back Protector: Not Included

Material: Cowhide Leather | Flex Leather

Liners: Removable Mesh Lining

Ventilation: Yes | Microperforated Chest

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: No

Pockets: Outer Pockets: 2 | Inner Pockets: 3

Connection Zippers: Jacket-to-trouser 360° connection zipper


+ Highly Protective

+ Looks Great

+ Well-Ventilated


Fairly heavy

No back protector


Fitment & Utility

The Ixon Vortex 2 Jacket has a great fit. The inclusion of zipped cuffs and a tightening strap at the waist allows the jacket to conform to your body, so it doesn’t come loose or flap around. Additionally, Ixon offers the jacket in sizes ranging from S to 4XL, catering to almost every rider. The jacket also has stretch leather located under the arms, on the side of the torso and the lower back. These factors allow the jacket to accommodate most body shapes and allow for a better fit. The Vortex 2 has a preformed construction best suited for a tuck position, making it an excellent candidate for sports bike riders.

I would have personally liked to see more adjustment straps on the jacket to allow for a better fit and more customisation. But, after a few rides and a little breaking in, the jacket ended up fitting perfectly. It’s definitely one of the better fitting sports jackets on the market currently.


Ixon put a lot of focus on the protective features of the Vortex 2 jacket. It even comes with CE level 2 shoulder and elbow protection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a back protector. However, there is space for one. This jacket is also compatible with the IX-Airbag U03 electronic airbag. This is a standout safety feature, as not many brands have similar systems that integrate. The jacket-to-pants connecting zipper and the secure stitching ensure that these systems will work as intended, as nothing will be pushed out of place.

The jacket is mainly constructed from durable cowhide leather, which is highly abrasion-resistant and can last multiple crashes. The stretch leather, which strategically lines with Ixon Vortex 2 jacket, is reinforced with DuPont Kevlar, meaning there’s been no compromise in safety. Located on the shoulders and elbows are externally located TPU caps. These add a tremendous amount of protection to the critical areas. Additionally, the inclusion of an elbow slider means that the critical impact locations have as much protection as they practically can.

Ventilation & Waterproofing

Unfortunately, the Vortex 2 Jacket doesn’t have any waterproofing. It does, however, have perforated leather on the chest and arms, making it a great summer jacket. The perforations work well to ventilate air through the jacket, but you’ll need to travel at a higher speed if you want significant airflow. The internal, removable 3D mesh lining does, however, help air circulation and wick moisture for a more comfortable ride.


Although it has a sporty cut, the Vortex 2 is a comfortable jacket, especially if you’re riding in a tuck position and are going up to speed. Maneuvering didn’t take long to get used to with this fit. Whist this jacket is better suited for the track, you can definitely still wear it on your daily commute. I do, however, suggest breaking in the jacket to loosen up the leather, especially if it’s your first time wearing one with stretch leather. I recommend wearing it around the house before going on your ride.

Another factor that contributes to its comfortability is the 3D mesh lining. It’s light and sleeveless, meaning that as much air as possible can circulate your torso. The included racing collar with neoprene back and neckroll worked well with my Arai Profile V. It gave me heaps of cushioning and stopped a lot of wind.


Many factors come into play if you want to be competitive on the track. Every millisecond you can save is a big deal, especially when trying to set a record. This is why Ixon included a compact, aerodynamic hump located on the upper back. This will help the rider cut through the wind with ease, minimising drag. This jacket also comes with two external pockets and three internal ones.

Final Thoughts

The Ixon Vortex 2 jacket is an excellent addition to my gear. It has plenty of top-notch safety features, is ideal to use in the Australian climate thanks to the ventilation, and fit well. A couple more adjustment straps would have been great, but even without them, it didn’t take long for the jacket to fit perfectly. This is a high-performance jacket that will be in use for many years to come.

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