Arai RX-7V Helmet Review


The RX-7V is one of Aria’s best selling helmets, and for a good reason. Making a regular appearance in racing events both in Australia and worldwide, this top-of-the-line helmet has become one of the best selling premium helmets on the market. It has all the features you’d expect from the best Arai has to offer. From its hyper-advanced shell design to the expertly designed ventilation, it’s no wonder why people pick the RX-7V as the helmet of their choice. But is it really worth its AU$1000 price point? We’ve decided to review the Arai RX-7V and find out what makes this one of the world’s most popular helmets.

Arai RX-7V Review Summary:

  • High quality
  • Premium helmet
  • “Glance-off” technology
  • Comfortable
  • Incredible safety features
  • Arai Pro-Shade System Compatible
  • Expensive

Introducing the Arai RX-7V

Helmet Review Arai RX-7V
Pictured: Arai RX-7V side view.

Helmet Style: Full-Face

Certifications: SHARP 5 Star | Snell | ECE 22.05 | DOT

Shell: Composite Fibre

Sizes: XS-XXL

Shell Sizes: 6

Weight: 1.62kg

Pinlock Compatible: Yes | Included

Included Visor: Clear Visor

Liner: Removable | Washable | Replaceable

Intercoms Compatible: Yes

Eyewear Compatible: Yes


+ Top of the Line Model

+ 5 Star SHARP rating

+ Has all the features you’d expect from Arai’s top model.


Very Expensive



The Arai RX-7V is both ECE 22.05 and DOT certified. It also comes with a 5/5 star SHARP rating, making it one of the safest helmets on the market. This helmet also features Arai’s signature R75 helmet shape, which gives it a smooth and consistent 75mm radius allowing the helmet to “glance-off” and slide during impact. This distributes the force of the impact more evenly across the helmet. In turn, this significantly increases shock absorption, making the helmet incredibly safe. In the image below, you can see how this “glace-off” technology works.

Arai RX-7V glance off diagram
Pictured: Arai’s R75 “glance off” technology

The Arai Variable Axis System (VAS) is part of their “glancing-off” technology and is also included in the RX-7V. Most visors come with a single pivot point, but Arai’s VAS allows the visor, side pods and mechanism to sit lower on the helmet (pictured below). This, in turn, gives the helmet a more rounded and smooth shape. The vent ducts and side pods are also designed to snap off in the event of a sliding impact so they won’t dig into the helmet.

Arai RX-7V Visor release & locking systems
Pictured: Variable Axis System, Visor Quick Removal System & Visor Locking mechanism.

Helmet Shell & Lining

The RX-7V’s helmet shell is constructed out of Arai’s completely new Peripherally Belted Structural Net Composite (PB-SNC2) technology. This comes in the form of a “super fibre” band above the visor. Borrowing from Arai’s F-1 technology, this band maximises shell strength and flexibility while maintaining a low weight. Surprisingly, it doesn’t increase the thickness of the helmet, which is vital for racing and comfortability.

The RX-7V also comes with a replaceable antimicrobial material liner which reduces scent build-up over time. The cheek pads, chin strap covers and neckroll are also replaceable. This helmet features Arai’s Facial Contour System (FCS) which uses a foam spring support in the cheek pad that compresses and rebounds. It also holds the helmet lower on the jawbone so it more closely matches your head shape. The FSC ensures a more snug fit, providing you with the necessary support without excessive pressure. The liner also comes with speaker pockets and is intercoms compatible.

Comfort & Sizing

Comfort is another main focus of the RX-7V, especially in regards to fitment. The liner incorporates micro-fitment pads, which is a foam that can be removed or added 5mm at a time to adjust fitment to compensate for differences in head shape. The shell also comes in 6 different sizes and suits head sizes from XS to XXL. It’s not common for helmet manufacturers to provide this many shell sizes for their helmets, so this is a massive plus when you’re trying to find a helmet that’s the perfect fit. Not only does it ensure your helmet will be the lightest for your size, but it also means it won’t be too bulky on your head.

Ventilation & Noise

The Arai RX-7V comes with a total of six front air vents and seven exhaust ports. All of which are adjustable and can be opened or closed to customise the airflow in your helmet. The helmet also utilizes Arai’s Free Flow System (FFS) which creates airflow under the helmet to reduce noise and turbulence whilst also increasing the exhaust of hot air.

Arai claims to provide an additional 11% airflow in the new top duct. The new bigger switches on the vents also provide effortless operating. The removable chin curtain can also be lowered to increase the helmet’s ventilation capabilities. By doing this, you increase the efficiency of air circulation and decrease air intrusion and noise. The brow vents have also been extended to the temple area and, with a three-position chin vent, helps direct air in needed areas.

The combined systems offer excellent noise reduction and efficient ventilation. It’s easy to see why this is Arai’s bestseller and one of the best premium helmets on the market.

Extra Features

The included visor comes with a Pinlock VAS Max Vision Visor with a De-Mist option. It’s anti-fog and provides better visibility in all seasons for all types of riding. It effectively prevents misting and fogging even under extreme wet and damp conditions.

The helmet’s visor also features Arai’s new shield latch system. Borrowing once again from their own F-1 technology, this completely modified 3D moving mechanism secures the shield unlike ever before. It’s intuitive and only requires one finger to operate – even with gloves!

Arai’s RX-7V also has an Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) fitted. This allows the helmet to be removed easily when neck and spine movements need to be minimised. The EQRS uses red tags on the side of the helmet, which, when pulled, removes the cheek pads. Stickers on the helmet indicate that it’s been fitted with EQRS to aid emergency services better.

The helmet is also compatible with Arai’s Pro-Shade System. This feature comes in the form of an external sun visor. We’ve spoken about the amazing features of this helmet before. But to summarise, this external visor is one of the best helmet innovations ever to come out. It doesn’t compromise the helmet’s safety, is easy to use, reduces sun-glare and can be flipped-up to be used as a peak. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come included with the helmet but can be purchased for an additional AU$130. It’s hard to justify purchasing an additional visor for a helmet that’s already AU$1000. But Arai’s pro-shade system is well worth the money.

RX-7V Final Thoughts

The Arai RX-7V is a hallmark of premium design. From the complex shell design to the excellent ventilation, the Arai RX-7V is one of the best helmets currently on the market. With the incredible technology integrated into this helmet, it is easy to see why so many people wear it. It’s not only one of the safest helmets available in Australia, but it’s also one of the safest. The RX-7V is packed with features and functionality making it well worth its premium price tag.

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