AGV Pista GP RR Helmet Review


The AGV Pista GP RR is a premium racing helmet available for all riders. A successor to the AGV Pista GP R, this remarkable, top-tier helmet is worn by the likes of MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi. It’s one of the only FIM homologated, MotoGP and racing approved helmets on the market. The protection in the AGV Pista GP RR is unparalleled. But with a premium price tag of AU$1800, is it really worth buying this racing helmet for every-day use?

Review Summary:

  • One of the best helmets for short-distance riding and racing
  • Unmatched protection with FIM homologation
  • Aerodynamics are so good that wind resistance is not noticeable unless exceeding 160 km/h
  • No speaker pockets
  • Tight-fitting and unsuitable for long-distance

Introducing the AGV Pista GP RR

Helmet Review AGV Pista GP RR Side View
Pictured: AGV Pista GP RR side view.

Helmet Style: Full-Face

Certifications: FIM | ECE 22.05 | DOT

Shell: Carbon Fibre

Sizes: XS-XXL

Shell Sizes: 4

Weight: 1.55kg

Pinlock Compatible: Yes | Included

Included Visor: Clear Visor

Liner: Removable | Washable | Anti-bacterial

Intercoms Compatible: No

Eyewear Compatible: Yes


+ Top tier safety

+ Phenomenal Aerodynamics

+ Valentino Rossi’s helmet of choice


Extremely Expensive

Very noisy

No speaker pockets



The AGV Pista GP RR has incredible aerodynamics and safety. This helmet is purpose-built for racing. Not only is the helmet ECE 22.05 and DOT certified, but it also has FIM Racing Homologation. This means it’s racing approved and has passed arguably the strictest testing conditions for commercial and racing helmets. In fact, it’s this exact helmet that Valentino Rossi uses in the MotoGP. It’s also one of the only FIM Homologated helmets available to purchase for everyday riders.

Most people, however, won’t require this level of safety. Unless you’re on the race track, there’s no real need to have a FIM certified helmet. But it is extremely comforting to know that you have the same protection as some of the worlds top MotoGP riders.

Because this is a racing-styled helmet, the visor incorporates a locking system to ensure it stays closed when you’re out on the road. This means there’s no chance of the visor unexpectedly flipping up while riding, even at top-speeds. The helmet’s base is also convex, ultimately reducing injuries to your shoulders and trapezoids if you crash.

Helmet Shell & Lining

As a helmet designed for the race track, it’s not hard to believe extra care went into making this helmet feel as lightweight and streamlined as possible. In fact, it is so aerodynamic that unless you’re travelling at 160 km/h or greater, there’s no noticeable wind resistance.

One contributing factors to the Pista GP RR’s lightweight is its 100% carbon fibre shell. This extremely durable and lightweight material helps make the helmet just under 1.45kg (in the first shell size). It’s one of the lightest helmets with this level of protection. The AGV Pista CP RR also contains 5-density expanded polystyrene (EPS). This technology helps mitigate impact forces at varying speeds and protects you against rotational forces, impact and penetration.

The lining of the AGV Pista CP RR is antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and uses Microsense treatment, which gives the helmet a premium feel. The liner is also removable, replaceable and washable.

Comfort & Sizing

Because this is a racing helmet, it’s supposed to fit a little tighter. If you’re going on long rides or prefer a helmet that doesn’t fit quite as snug, then this could be a deal-breaker. However, if you race or enjoy shorter rides, this helmet is perfect for you.

The AGV Pista CP RR has four shell sizes and fits heads from XS to XXL. The interior of the helmet is also extremely customizable. With an adjustable crown pad and padding that can be placed around the interior, you can really customise this helmet to fit your head perfectly.

The cheek pads are made from Shalimar fabric for a soft and stable fit, even at high speeds. The neckroll uses a breathable fabric with elastics and waterproof inserts. It also comes with a removable hydration system.

Unfortunately, the helmet doesn’t come with speaker cut-outs and isn’t intercoms compatible. It is, after all, designed for the race track, so having cut out sections could compromise safety.

Ventilation & Noise

AGV Pista GP RR has excellent, near-perfect ventilation. With only three forehead intakes, two chin intakes and two passive exhaust vents, the helmet evenly distributes air throughout the helmet flawlessly. Unfortunately, there are no sliders on the helmet to control the air intake, so customising the air-flow on-the-go is impossible. It does, however, come with little rubber vent covers for the top three forehead intakes. Even though the ventilation on this helmet is already amazing, the visor can also be opened up slightly to allow more air-flow.

Having this level of ventilation does, however, come with some downsides. Unfortunately, despite the addition of a pre-installed chin curtain, it’s still quite a noisy helmet. In fact, its noisy enough that AGV has included a pair of earplugs with the helmet. Closing off the forehead vents does help with noise reduction, but it comes at the cost of less efficient ventilation.

Extra Features

As this is a racing helmet, there is no middle position to set the visor. This may be a deal-breaker if you regularly ride in urban locations. The visor can, however, can be cracked open slightly in order to let a small amount of breeze in. This helmet also comes with a 100% max vision Pinlock, which is an extra-wide anti-fog insert for your visor. This visor has a field of view of 85 degrees vertical, and 190 degrees horizontal, adding safety and practicality immensely.

This helmet does come with a hydration tube, which is extremely rare to find pre-installed on a helmet, further emphasizing the racing nature of this helmet. The Titanium Double-D fastener also featured in this helmet ensures it won’t come off in a crash and allows for a simple and accurate fitment.


The AGV Pista GP RR is excellent for riding short distances day-to-day or if track days are a regular occurrence. But this helmet is definitely not recommended for long-distance travel. For the level of safety alone, this helmet is well worth the price. Whilst it doesn’t come with speaker or intercoms compatibility, the level of ventilation is one of the best on the market. Just be sure to wear the included earplugs as the helmet can get a little noisy. So, if you have short commutes, race, or just want to have the highest level of safety, the AGV Pista GP RR is the helmet for you.

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