AGV K1 Helmet Review


AGV is an Italian made helmet manufacturer known worldwide for being worn by some of MotoGP’s biggest stars, including Valentino Rossi. The AGV K1 is one of the brand’s entry-level helmets. It’s known to be one of the quietest budget helmets on the market. So, we’ve decided to review the K1 and see just how it stacks up against other similarly priced helmets available in Australia. Starting at just under AU$300, the K1 has loads of features, is super comfortable, very reliable and incredibly safe. It’s sleek, looks great and is one of the best entry-level helmets you can buy.

AGV K1 Review Summary:

  • Not yet SHARP tested
  • Feature-packed
  • Good ventilation and noise reduction
  • Reliable
  • Racing appearance

Introducing the AGV K1

AGV K1 Helmet Review
AGV K1 Matte Black Side View
Pictured: AGV K1 side view.

Helmet Style: Full-Face

Certifications: ECE 22.05 | DOT

Shell: Polycarbonate

Sizes: XS-XXL

Shell Sizes: 2

Weight: 1.52kg

Pinlock Compatible: Yes | Included

Included Visor: Clear Visor

Liner: Dri-Lex | Removable | Washable

Intercoms Compatible: Yes

Eyewear Compatible: Yes


+ Great peripheral vision

+ Easy to adjust visor with XQRS

+ Removable, washable & antibacterial liner


Noisy helmet without ear protection

Doesn’t come with a Pinlock

Velcro that holds liner can be irritating



It’s not too often that you see an entry-level helmet that looks remarkably like higher-end models. With an appearance similar to the AGV Pista (the brand’s premium helmet), the AGV K1 is a sleek, aerodynamic helmet. The rear spoiler provides optimal stability at high speeds with minimal buffeting. This means your head is less likely to bob around while you ride.

The shell is composed of thermoplastic, which might be a deal-breaker for some. However, AGV has an incredible track record in regards to safety. Previously, AGV helmets composed of the same thermoplastic have scored an amazing 4/5 stars on the SHARP test. Whilst not yet being SHARP tested, the helmet is still incredibly safe and is ECE 22.05 certified.

Another strength the AGV K1 has to offer is the expanded peripheral vision thanks to the extra-wide visor. It’s tall enough to use in a tuck position without obscuring your view. It’s also wide enough that you won’t need to cover as many blind spots. Having fewer distractions allows for a massive increase in the safety of the rider. There’s a heightened sense of visual awareness, and at high speeds, every millisecond of response time, you can get matters.

Helmet Shell & Lining

The AGV K1 helmet shell is made from Polycarbonate Thermoplastic. This material is high-impact resistant and lightweight. The helmet’s “collarbone safe profile” also ensures that the helmet’s bottom lip won’t harm your collarbone in a crash. The K1 also features a thick, four-density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) liner, which helps against bruising and concussions. This liner is comprised of beads that burst when stuck and are crucial in absorbing and dissipating energy from an impact.

Comfort & Sizing

The helmet liner is removable, washable and comes in 4 different sizes. It also utilises Dri-Lex material which is durable, moisture-resistant and wear-resistant. There’s plenty of space if you need to wear glasses, and the helmet is incredibly comfortable.

The K1 is best suited for medium oval-shaped heads, much like other AGV models. Although the helmet only comes in 2 shell sizes, it still caters for head sizes from XS to XXL. The different sized liners also ensure that you can customise your helmet’s fit to best suit you.

There’s really only one downside to this helmet. The Velcro that holds the top-head liner above the eyebrows is oversized. So it could poke and rub up against your forehead when you ride. Other than that, the helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets on the market, especially at this price point.

Ventilation & Noise

Two vents are located on the chin and three on the forehead. All of which are slider operated. The helmet uses AGV’s Integrated Ventilation System (IVS), which are air-vents hollowed into the shell. This serves to direct the airflow into the helmet’s shell and disperse into channels around the lining, allowing the air to circulate through the helmet more efficiently.

The ventilation for this helmet is superb. This is thanks to the twin rear exhausts placed just beneath the rear spoiler and five air intakes. It might not look like much, but thanks to the incredible minds behind the design, this helmet has some of the best ventilation on the market.

Most customers find the AGV K1 helmet to be fairly quiet when riding. It is, after all, marketed as a quiet helmet. However, some riders find it the opposite, stating the noise reduction is minimal at best. If you’re moving from a louder helmet like the Shark Ridill, then you’ll see a significant decrease in noise. But if your current helmet is already good at noise reduction, then you might not see much of a difference. Regardless, the K1 is still one of the quietest entry-level helmets on the market, and that’s a huge plus.

Extra Features

If you’ve been following AGV for some time, you may be aware of their Extra Quick Release System (XQRS). This feature allows the quick removal of the visor without the use of any tools. Swapping out visors is incredibly intuitive and simple with the XQRS and allows you to customise your helmet with ease.

When riding in a city, or if you prefer a visor that’s cracked open a bit, a massive positive is that the AGV K1 includes adjusters in the box. These allow you to set it up as you wish. Furthermore, the visor is Pinlock compatible. However, it does not come with one in the box. If you live in a cold or humid area, it’s a necessity to own one.

The K1 also features a “micro-opening system”, which allows you to open the visor very slightly to allow air into the helmet. This is especially helpful if you live in a warmer climate and need some extra air-flow. The visor on the helmet is also “anti-scratch” and has a 190° horizontal field of view.


The AGV K1 is a feature-packed, good looking and reliable entry-level helmet. For the price range, it is not easy to find many other helmets with as many features and this one. From the incredible level of safety, efficient ventilation, noise reduction and all-around comfortability, this is one of the best budget helmets currently on the market. So if you’re looking for a racing-style helmet at a fraction of the cost, the AGV K1 is the helmet for you.

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