Five SF2 Gloves Review


Inspired by the SF1 concept, which is one of the best-selling gloves from Five, the SF2 Gloves are short-cuffed sport style glove that is extremely lightweight and offer a high level of protection. It offers ventilated knuckles, protective padding underneath the leather and external stitching. These gloves are suited for most motorcycle riding, including sportbikes, roadsters and supermoto riding. However, they are not suitable for Winter. I will go into a more detailed discussion below in our Five SF2 Gloves review.


  • Not suited for Winter
  • High level of protection in all key zones
  • Very comfortable and lacks inner stitching on fingers
  • The closure mechanism is reliable and secure.

Introducing the Five SF2 Gloves

Five SF2 Gloves Review
Pictured: Five SF2 Gloves (Five SF2 Gloves Review)

Style: Sport | Short Cuff

Certification: CE Level 1 Approved

Material: Full-grain cowhide topside | Goatskin palm

Ventilation: Yes | Ventilated metacarpal-knuckle shells

Waterproof: No

Knuckle Protection: PU Shell

Palm Sliders: Yes | TPR Palm Slider

Touchscreen Compatible: No

Sizes: XS-XXXL


+ Well Ventilated

+ Great protection in high impact risk locations

+ Comfortable and practical for daily use


Not ideal for cold conditions



The Five SF2 Gloves feature a full-grain cowhide topside for a great amount of abrasion resistance and durability. They also feature ventilated TPU metacarpal-knuckle protection, which does an excellent job at preventing injury in these high-risk impact zones. There are also TPR palm sliders, which is extremely important on a pair of gloves, as sliding on your hands can result in horrific injuries. These safety features add up to give the gloves CE Level 1 Approval.


Five Gloves have gone above and beyond, as they have kept comfortability in mind and have managed to create a pair of gloves that can be both extremely comfortable and protective. A subtle design choice, Five Gloves have chosen to incorporate outer stitching on the fingers. This means you won’t have any uncomfortable seams digging into your fingers while wearing the gloves, greatly increasing the long-term wearability.

Underneath the knuckle protectors is an accordion stretch Cordura comfort panel. This means you will be able to grip handlebar controls with less hindrance. Throttling will feel more natural, especially after riding all day. Another important comfort inclusion is the built-in memory foam reinforcement located underneath the leather on the cuff. This made sure that the glove held firmly yet comfortably on my hand. It is uncommon for gloves to have this feature. It felt like I wasn’t exerting as much force due to the padding supporting my wrist.


The Five SF2 Gloves features a TPR tab and velcro closing system with a leather on/off pull tab to ensure a secure fitment. This is an extremely adjustable and secure system that is easy to use and won’t break or snap off over a prolonged usage period. In addition, the wristband is made out of Airprene, which is essentially a breathable version of Neoprene, so you won’t start sweating underneath it without any moisture-wicking capabilities.

The knuckle protectors feature ventilation, which is effective at cooling my entire hand. This does mean that the gloves are not suited for winter, but at all other times of the year, these gloves are extremely comfortable and non-restrictive. Since these gloves are primarily sports-focused, you won’t find many features like touchscreen compatibility. These are understandable exclusions, as they allow the gloves to offer a greater level of protection and comfort without being exorbitantly overpriced. That being said, it is still possible to use these gloves on your commute. However, you will be missing the features of more street-oriented gloves.

Final Thoughts

These are a good pair of gloves with an adequate level of protection. I would definitely trust them to hold up in a slide. Thankfully, they are CE Approved, which means that they have undergone all necessary testing to guarantee their reliability. The differences between CE Certified, Tested, and Approved can be found in this article. However, they are reasonably priced, extremely comfortable, and capable of taking on most tasks during the warmer seasons. They are fairly basic, omitting features such as a visor cleaner and touchscreen compatible fingertips, but Five has struck gold in the balance of comfort and protection.

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