Ricky Carmichael Has Teamed Up With Triumph


With over 150 races won across motocross and supercross, Ricky Carmichael is undoubtedly the greatest Motocross champion of all time. From his gold medal in the X Games to his stint in NASCAR, his achievements in the world of motorsports have earned him the nickname “GOAT” (greatest of all time). Ricky Carmichael has now teamed up with Triumph to test out their new Tiger 1200 Prototype.

Ricky Carmichael riding the Tiger 1200 prototype
Pictured: Ricky Carmichael has teamed up with Triumph

After the success of the hugely popular Tiger 900 Adventure sports bike, Triumph announced its brand new range of competition Motocross and Enduro motorcycles. Amongst their new range of Enduro motorcycles is the new Tiger 1200. The new Adventure bike is built off its predecessor, the Tiger 900. The full specs of the new Adventure bike are still yet to be released. However, with the release of this latest teaser, we can hopefully expect more details to come soon.

Ricky Carmichael rides the Tiger 1200 prototype on road
Pictured:Ricky Carmichael riding the Tiger 1200 Prototype on road

In a video released by Triumph last Thursday, Carmichael can be seen pushing the Tiger 1200 prototype to its limits in an exclusive first ride. The multiple-time world champion exclaimed, “This thing is sweet! I know a lot of time and effort has gone into this new 1200, and it shows. It handles phenomenally.

Carmichael also noted in the video, “It’s awesome! I’m loving it! Amazing, I’m blown away [by] how well this handles. The engine, how it’s designed, make it feel lighter. This thing feels like a Tiger 900 on steroids.”

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, we’ll get more details about Triumph’s new Enduro motorcycle. But, until then, we’re excited to see this X Games gold medalist tackle the track on this new exciting bike.

Ricky Carmichael rides the Tiger 1200 prototype up a dirt bike jump
Pictured: Ricky Carmichael riding the Tiger 1200 prototype up a dirt jump

Ricky “The GOAT” Charmichael

Ricky Carmichael is the biggest name in Motocross and the greatest racer. When he started, Carmichael won 67 National Championships before going pro at the age of 17. Carmichael won 15 motocross championships during his pro MX career with two perfect seasons and five Supercross championships. Cumulatively, he has won 150 races, a feat that no others have achieved. During this period, he was awarded AMA Rider of the Year five times.

Although he retired from professional motocross racing, Carmichael is still a big name in the industry. He owns a championship-winning team, designs tracks for Daytona Supercross, runs his university and commentates on the Monster Energy AMA Supercross. Now, he is making history with Triumph, as they take part in the most exciting development in his sport in decades.

Ricky Carmichael sitting while holding a helmet and smiling
Pictured: Ricky Carmichael smiling while holding his helmet

The Future of Enduro/Motocross Bikes At Triumph

Back in July, Triumph announced the development of a comprehensive range of all-new competition Motocross and Enduro motorcycles. This addition will bring Triumph’s signature engineering to riders and racers worldwide.

In a landmark moment for the company, Triumph also announced they would be joining the MX and Enduro racing world with an all-new factory racing program. They will be committing to top-tier championship racing in both Motocross and Enduro series.

Riding the Tiger 1200 prototype down a dirt track
Pictured: Riding the Tiger 1200 prototype down a trail

With this news comes the announcement and welcoming of Ricky Carmichael and Iván Cervantes, the five-times Enduro World Champion, as active partners in bike testing and race preparation. With significant commitment comes great expectations, so having two champions on board capable of testing these machines to the limit is almost necessary.

Both the launch and reveal timetable will come in the next few months. This includes the racing program and a complete story about the advantages the new Triumph MX and Enduro offer.

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