Ixon And Cassons Create A New Partnership

Ixon And Cassons Create A New Partnership

It has recently been announced that Ixon and Cassons will create a new partnership that will involve Cassons distributing this popular brand through Australia on the 1st of September 2021. This means that Cassons will distribute the most comprehensive range of Ixon products locally.

Cassons will be bringing in the new Ixon 2021 Summer Collection. This will include new ranges for most price points, aiming to demonstrate the flexibility and innovation of Ixon as a brand. The collection will include racing, Urban, Sport, Adventure, Heritage, Ladies and Youth products.

Ixon And Cassons Create A New Partnership
Pictured: Ixon Urban

Geoff Wood – Cassons General Manager

Cassons General Manager, Geoff Wood, released a statement following the announcement of their partnership with Ixon:

“Having previously worked with the brand and seeing the upcoming product additions, I am confident we will take the brand to new heights in the Australian Market. The brand is a global powerhouse. The product development, commitment to safety, quality and fit of the product are the cornerstones of a brand that will grow its market share. Ixon has a great value product that our market expects. With price points and technical features that appeal to a wide range of riders. Having a brand supporting Australian athletes competing overseas, such as Remy Gardner (Moto 2) and Josh Brookes (BSB Champion 2020), has also not gone unnoticed. The growing number of riders in the MotoGP paddock choosing Ixon. We cannot wait to be representing the brand for Australia. The timing could not be better.”

Ixon And Cassons Create A New Partnership
Pictured: Ixon Denim

Sandrine Gaudillat – Ixon Export Manager

Export Manager for Ixon, Sandrine Gaudillat, also expressed her excitement for the new partnership in the following statement:

“IXON is about to write a new page of its history on the Australian market! For us, the partnership with Cassons is, above all, a human venture. We are sure that this collaboration will be a sharing of skills, values and ambition. This company is indeed fully customer orientated. Its efficient sales organization, logistics, and know-how about apparel guarantee that customer service is their daily concern. This is of paramount importance. We strongly believe that their professionalism combined with our full support will definitely lead to success. It will allow Australian riders to enjoy IXON  the best possible way and benefit from all assets the brand offers.”

“A group of 500 people indeed supports IXON, fully dedicated to performance and innovation. Thanks to its own factory in Cambodia, purchasing platform in China, Laboratory in France, the group has the right structure to cope with its development and guarantee the best service to its business partners.”

Pictured: Ixon Racing

Gaudillat went on to say that “Each new collection is developed to bring on the market unique products, combining technicity and appealing design.  Our goal is to meet consumer’s needs, wherever and whoever they are, in the full respect of our DNA.  In a few months, no doubt our summer 2021 collection will blow you away.”

“IXON is also a major brand in the MotoGP world and the major championships.  Our IX lab in France, producing all the made-to-measure suits The IXON international racing service is doing their best, here again, to respond to our riders. We know how important racing is in Australia and cannot wait in satisfying the fans! Stay tuned!” 

Pictured: Ixon Adventure


When Ixon And Cassons create a new partnership, we will see many more products from the manufacturer than before. Being such a popular brand, this is great news for any motorcycle enthusiast who wants to try something new or has had their eyes set on the brand for some time.

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