Arai Reveals The New Quantic Series


Arai’s New Quantic Helmet – Available In May

A brand new helmet is on its way! Arai reveals the new Quantic series! Marketed as a sports/touring helmet, the Quantic sits in the middle of the Profile-V and the RX-7V. The Quantic is Arai’s first full-face helmet to receive ECE 22.06 testing. As with the other helmets in the Arai range, the main priority is safety. Arai is known for its 100% handmade helmets and rigorous in-house testing. Paired with the new ECE 22.06 standard, there is no doubt this is one of the safest helmets on the market. Whilst there is no official release date yet, the Arai Quantic helmet is set to release in Australia around May.

Arai reveals the new Quantic series, Quantic side view
Pictured: Arai Quantic, side view.

Key Features

  • Sports/Touring Helmet
  • Outer shell: PB e-cLc (Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction)
  • Fits sizes: SM to XL
  • Features Arai’s R75 helmet shape
  • VAS MAX vision visor with Pinlock included
  • Pro-Shade System included
  • Facial Contour System (FCS)
  • Features Emergency Release System (ERS)
  • New shield latch system – borrowed from their F1 helmet
  • 5mm ’’Peel Away’’ Temple pad
  • Brushed nylon Liner material
  • Replaceable cheek pads/earcups
  • Breath guard
  • 5mm wider base
  • Neckroll wire pocket
  • Intercoms compatible
  • 100% handmade


Constructed with a Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction (PB e-cLc) outer shell, the Quantic is a lightweight helmet. Like all other Arai Helmets, the Quantic is also 100% handmade. It is designed in three shell sizes across five different head sizes. One for XS and S, one for M, and one for L and XL. Intercoms are also easily attached to the exterior of the helmet. This ensures there are no compromises to safety due to using less liner.

The R75 shape is still a main design point on the Quantic. This helmet shape has a constant 75mm radius around the shell. This creates an extremely round and smooth shape. The R75 shell design allows the helmet to “glance off” blows on impact, so a centralised location doesn’t take the impact’s full force. This ensures that minimal rotational forces are transferred to the head and neck, decreasing the chance of critical injuries. All accessories on the helmet are also designed to snap off on impact. This stops the helmet from digging in on any surfaces and preventing any additional rotational force. The image below shows how this “glancing-off” technology works.

Pictured: Arai R75 “glance-off” technology spreads the force of impact over multiple points on the helmet.


The Quantic features a new 3D Arai logo air duct (pictured below). It’s easily operated via the short-stroke level placed at the top of the helmet. Airflow is increased by an astounding 40% at a low speed of 50 km/h. The helmet also boasts an additional 7% airflow when reaching 120 km/h by utilising the two central 10mm intake ports.

Another new addition to the ventilation system on the Quantic is the air-scoop chin vent. This has the ability to slide between 3 positions – open, midway, and closed. This allows you to adjust the rate of airflow entering the helmet from this area. Also included with this feature is a replaceable filter.

Inspired by the RX-7V, the single-piece rear exhaust is operated with a three-way switch. It is, however, designed for touring and sits slightly more forward on the shell. The exhaust is fed by three ports internally. The shape of the exhaust is designed to improve aerodynamics and reduce the amount your head bobs when you’re looking around, therefore also reducing rider fatigue.

Arai’s new 3D Logo Air Duct


The Quantic includes the Variable Axis System (VAS) visor, which was popularised on earlier models. This helps achieve the rounded R75 shape. New to the visor, however, is a shield latch system. This technology is borrowed from Arai’s Formula 1 line of helmets. It’s a 3D mechanism that is said to secure the visor far more effectively than previous models while still intuitive and smooth enough to easily operate with one finger, even with gloves on. The visor is also Pinlock ready and comes with a Pinlock max vision in the box.

As an Exclusive to the Australian Market, the Quantic will have the standard clear VAS visor fitted on the helmet and a separate Pro-Shade system included in the box. This means that you get a Pinlock and two visors (the standard and the Pro-Shade system) included with the helmet.

For those who are unaware of the Pro-Shade system, we’ve covered the basics of it here. But to summarise, the Pro-Shade system (pictured below) is an external sun visor fitted to the main helmet visor. This gives you all the benefits of a sun visor without the vulnerabilities. By having it externally, the visor stays fog-free and can be flipped up to be used as a peak. The fact that this visor is externally located also means that there are no compromises in the shells integrity.

Arai Pro-Shade System


Internally, Arai uses their Facial Contour System (FCS) technology, which contours to the head more effectively and cradles the lower jaw rather than the cheeks. This creates a more secure and comfortable fit and adjusts to your head better. The liner’s material is constructed from brushed nylon, which is extremely comfortable and breathable, complimenting the placement of the air vents to ensure maximum comfortability.

Both the cheek pads and the ear cups are replaceable. Plus there are neckroll wire pockets that allow you to easily store any excess cables from intercoms systems out of the way without affecting fit or comfortability. The cheek pads also have the Emergency Release System (ERS) technology, which means emergency services can easily remove the cheek pads from the helmet in the event of a crash. This, in turn, minimises head and neck movement when removing the helmet off the rider’s head. Also included are 5mm tear-away temple pads. This allows you to remove padding away from the temple area to accommodate slight head shape variations.

Usually, Arai helmets can be fairly tricky to put on and take off as their helmets initially fit a little snug. The Quantic compensates for this with a base that has had its width increased by 5mm. This may not sound like much, but it drastically reduces the trouble you can experience when you’re first starting to use the helmet. The Quantic also comes with a breath guard, which deflects your breath from the visor to prevent it from fogging up.

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