3rd Gen Suzuki Hayabusa Details Revealed


The 3rd gen Suzuki Hayabusa details have been revealed after this model has been teased for quite some time. It has been 13 years since the release of the 2nd generation Suzuki Hayabusa. This new iteration keeps the features of the previous generation and adds many new updates and technologies. The new Hayabusa utilizes the latest iteration of “Suzuki’s Intelligent Ride System” (S.I.R.S). This is a collection of electronic systems which aim to optimize performance for on-the-fly adjustments, increasing control and predictability. For instance, these settings can optimize the riding experience to better suit certain road and weather conditions.


The Suzuki Drive Mode Alpha (SDMS-α) allows the rider to choose individual settings (either pre-set or user-defined) for five advanced electronic control systems. These settings and control systems are listest below:

3rd gen Suzuki Hayabusa details
Pictured: Suzuki Drive Mode Alpha pre-sets mode


The BOSCH 6-Axis IMU constantly monitors the bike’s pitch, roll, and yaw by combining data from the accelerometers and gyroscopes. The measurements reference each other and the wheel speed sensors for the bike to be more situationally aware and able to communicate with the S.I.R.S controls.

Motion Track Traction Control

The traction control takes data from the IMU to monitor the lean angle to minimize slip, both when cornering and when driving straight. This ultimately reduces stress and fatigue on the rider, as it provides greater stability at all times. There are 10 mode settings to choose from. The higher the number, the faster traction control is engaged and the more limited the wheel spin.

Launch Control

The launch control allows the rider to match the engine speed at launch. Mode 1 limits engine speed to 4,000 rpm, Mode 2 is set to 6,000 rpm and Mode 3 is set to 8,000 rpm.

Anti-Lift Control

The Anti-Lift Control maximizes the acceleration performance while preventing the front wheel from lifting. This system has 10 modes. 1 has the least effect, whilst 10 makes it almost impossible for the front wheel to lift.

Engine Braking Control

The Engine Braking Control allows the choice of three modes and an offsetting. This controls the strength of the engine braking, preventing rear tyre sliding and skipping.

Bi-Directional Quick Shifter

This function allows the rider to quickly shift gears without the use of a clutch or throttle. There are two modes on offer, Mode 1 replicates racing-style response, whilst Mode 2 is lighter.

Power Mode Selector

This provides the selection of three separate engine output modes:

  • 1: Sharpest throttle response, maximum power
  • 2: Softer throttle response, linear power delivery
  • 3: Softest throttle response, gentle power curve with reduced max output.
3rd gen Suzuki Hayabusa details
Pictured: Power mode selector, Throttle opening vs Engine power graph

Cruise Control

You can adjust the cruise control by simply using the mode/set switch on the left handlebar between a range of 31 km/h – 200 km/h and 2000 rpm to 7000 rpm in the second gear or higher. The resume function re-engages to the most recent setting.

Active Speed Limiter

This allows the rider to set a maximum speed that they do not wish to exceed, with the ability to accelerate and decelerate as much as they please within the range.

Emergency Stop Signal

This function makes the front and rear indicators flash rapidly to alert all other surrounding vehicles that the brakes have suddenly been engaged at a speed of 55 km/h or higher.

Hill Hold Control

This system automatically engages the rear brake for 30 seconds when the rider has come to an uphill stop. This works even when the brake lever or pedal have been release. To disengage this, the rider must quickly squeeze the front brake lever twice or simply by accelerating.

Technical Specifications

Torque:150Nm at 7,000rpm
EngineIn-line four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Transmission6-Speed constant mesh with back-torque-limiting clutch
Front Suspension43mm KYB inverted diamond-like coated (DLC) forks with adjustable compression and rebound damping and spring preload
Rear SuspensionLink type, KYB shock with adjustable compression and rebound damping and spring preload
Front BrakesBrembo Stylema®, Radial-mount 4-piston callipers, dual 320mm floating discs with ABS
Rear BrakesNissin single-piston calliper, 260mm disc with ABS
Seat Height800mm
Fuel Capacity20.0L
Wet Weight264Kg
Warranty2 Year Unlimited Kilometre
Model CodeGSX1300RRQM2

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