Top 5 Motorcycle Jackets 2021


Motorcycle jackets are a highly competitive market. Thankfully, there are a handful of brands that really stand out above the rest, whether it’s due to construction, comfort, appearance, or protective capabilities. Abrasion resistance is far more important when riding on the bitumen when compared to typical off-road terrain. Thankfully, leather is naturally extremely abrasion-resistant and is a classic look that most people pictured when someone mentioned motorcycle jackets. In this list of the top 5 motorcycle jackets 2021, the most popular and effective jackets have been tested and listed below.

Top 5 Motorcycle Jackets 2021

  • Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-tex Jacket
  • Merlin Chase Jacket
  • Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Jacket
  • Dainese Agile Jacket
  • Rev’it! Sherwood Air Leather Jacket

1Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-tex Jacket


Sizes: XS – 4XL

Certifications: Shoulders: CE I | Elbows: CE I

Material: 3D Stone fabric | Gore-tex

Liners: Removeable Thermal Liner

Ventilation: Yes | Zippered ventilation on Side, Chest & Arms

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: Reflective inserts

Pockets: Rear Cargo Pocket | Thermal Liner Pocket | 2 External WP Pockets | 2 Inner | 4 Outer

Connection Zipper: Jacket-to-Pants connection zipper

Style: Touring


+ Huge amount of protection

+ Extremely comfortable and breathable


Fairly pricey

The Carve Master 2 is one of the best motorcycle jackets Dainese has to offer. It gives you all the protection you need on the road whilst remaining comfortable and breathable. This touring jacket is highly water and abrasion-resistant, with great elasticity, and reinforced with 3D stone fabric inserts on the elbow and shoulders. The Carve Master 2 is constructed from Mugello Fabric and includes an inner thermal liner. Between this liner and the outer fabric is a gore-tex membrane. This membrane ensures moisture is drawn away from your skin whilst maintaining great breathability.

This jacket comes with removable composite protectors rated to CE Level I. However, the shoulders are also reinforced with PU and a 3D stone fabric coating. There is room in the back for a G-type back protector and room at the front for a double chest protector. Unfortunately, neither of these are included, but it is excellent to have this option. Sadly, most jackets don’t come with back protection, even though they are an important part of every riders arsenal. Fortunately, Dainese makes some of the highest quality back protectors on the market. This one is compatible with the Carve Master 2 and costs AU$108. Whilst this jacket is already fairly pricey, and any additional cost seems overkill, I always make sure to have a back protector in all my jackets.

Complimenting the Gore-Tex membrane is the ventilation located on the chest, arms and back exhausts. These work extremely well in hot conditions. Just remove the thermal liner, unzip the ventilation, and the gore-tex will be able to take care of any perspiration if you manage to build any up. The Dainese Carve Master 2 also comes with some additional comfort features. These include a thermal collar that you can remove with push buttons, multiple adjustment points, and a front zipper with a wide flap and push buttons. On top of all of this, the Dainese Carve Master 2 also comes with many pockets. Not many motorcycle jackets have a chance when competing with the Dainese Carve Master 2. It manages to blend a supreme mix of protection, comfort, and utility, although the price is slightly above average.

2Merlin Chase Jacket


Sizes: XS – 3XL

Certifications: Shoulders: CE II | Elbow: CE II

Material: 1.2mm – 1.3mm grade cowhide leather

Liners: Removable thermal vest liner

Ventilation: Zippered ventilation points

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: No

Pockets: Front outer pockets | Inner pockets

Connection Zipper: Short YKK jacket-trouser connecting zipper

Style: Cafe Racer


+ Almost unmatched protection

+ Comfortable and secure


Thermal liner doesn’t have sleeves

The Merlin Chase jacket is built out of 1.2mm-1.3mm thick premium cowhide leather, offering almost unmatched abrasion resistance. It also comes with CE Level II shoulder and elbow protection and a pocket in the back. The jacket does offer room for a back protector. Unfortunately, however, it’s not included.

Thanks to the design, no part of the jacket flaps around in the wind when riding, which can get annoying fast. There are several zippered intake vents on the front of the Merlin Chase jacket that you can open to keep you cool in warmer weather, and this passes out the exhaust vents on the back.

This is an extremely stylish and comfortable jacket. It also comes with a removable internal thermal vest to assist with comfortability in the colder seasons. However, being a vest, the thermal liner doesn’t have sleeves, so it may be a good idea to wear a separate thermal layer underneath if it is freezing.

3Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar Jacket


Sizes: S-4XL

Certifications: Shoulders: CE II | Elbows: CE II

Material: Poly Fabric Textile

Liners: 1 | Removable Thermal Liner

Ventilation: Chest Intakes | Back Exhaust

Waterproof Shell: Yes

Reflectors: Graphic Details | Logos

Pockets: Front: 2 | Back: 1

Connection Zipper: Yes

Style: Adventure


+ All year functionality

+ Extremely comfortable


Armor doesn’t stay in place when the liner is out

The Andes V2 may have a low price point, but the features it manages to pack into the design are astounding. Although this is a breathable jacket, the waterproof outer shell limits this to some degree. If you are riding at temperatures below 30°C, this jacket is the most comfortable that you can find. When riding in temperatures between 24°C-30°C, the Direct Ventilation System (DVS) blows air directly onto your body and leaves through the rear exhausts. However, when exceeding these temperatures, this jacket tends to warm up quickly. This jacket is the best you can get to stay warm in winter.

Complimenting these features, this jacket incorporates a hidden shock cord that can fix the intake vents in your chosen direction. This helps allow as much air in the jacket as possible and minimises distractions while riding. You can also remove the long-sleeve thermal liner inside the jacket on warm days. The only downside is that when the liner is removed from the jacket, the protection tends to move around slightly. We have a full Alpinestars Andes V2 Jacket review here.

4Dainese Agile Jacket


Sizes: XS – 4XL

Certifications: Shoulders: CE II | Elbows: CE II

Material: Premium Cowhide Leather | Cordura Comfort Elasticated Fabric

Liners: Nanofeel Liner

Ventilation: Bilateral Vents

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: Reflective Inserts

Pockets: 2 Outer Pockets

Connection Zipper: Jacket-to-Pants fastening system

Style: Sports Touring


+ Stretch fabric making riding a lot easier

+ Lot of protection


Aesthetically bland

Mixing premium tutu cowhide leather with Cordura comfort stretch fabric for a mix of great abrasion resistance and excellent flexibility, the Dainese Agile is another solid entry from this remarkable manufacturer. The Agile comes with CE Level II inserts for the shoulders and elbows, and the shoulders are further reinforced with replaceable aluminium plates. There is room in the back for a G1 and G2 back protector. However, neither of them come with this jacket. There are air vents located bilaterally, which is an excellent position to get an optimal amount of airflow evenly distributed over your body.

As an additional comfort feature, the Dainese Agile comes with a Nanofeel mesh lining located internally. This acts as both an anti-bacterial and an anti-odour layer, which greatly increases wearability in hotter climates and conditions. This jacket also comes with reflective inserts. As a result, rider visibility greatly adds to overall protection. However, the design may not be to everyone’s taste.

5Rev’it! Sherwood Air Leather Jacket


Sizes: S – 3XL

Certifications: Shoulders: CE I | Elbows: CE I

Material: Perforated Cowhide

Liners: Removeable Thermal Liner

Ventilation: Yes | Perforations

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: No

Pockets: Inner Pockets

Connection Zipper: Short connection zipper

Style: Urban


+ Excellent ventilation

+ Fairly good protection


Needs an additional base layer if it is cold

Built out of perforated cowhide leather for optimal airflow and abrasion resistance, the Rev’it! Sherwood Air leather jacket is extremely well ventilated. It comes with CE Level I shoulder and back protection, as well as a pocket for a Seesoft back protector. However, the back protector is omitted. This jacket has pre-curved sleeves, which is extremely beneficial on leather. It prevents you from constantly stretching the material, making this jacket extremely comfortable on both short and extended rides.

The Sherwood Air leather jacket comes with a removable inner thermal vest, but you will want an additional base layer if it is freezing. This is because the thermal vest does not have any sleeves, but the jacket has perforations on the arms. In addition, there is additional safety stitching in high-risk areas. This prevents the jacket from falling apart in critical zones and adds a great amount of safety.

Final Thoughts

The Dainese Carve Master 2 Gore-tex Jacket is the top-of-the-line choice, featuring everything a daily motorcyclist needs, but it comes with a fairly high price tag. On the other hand, the Merlin Chase Jacket is an extremely effective layer of protection, with a good amount of comfort and an attractive design, at a more affordable price point. The Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar is perfect for the motorcyclist that wants a feature-packed jacket with a respectable amount of protection.

Dainese has another excellent entry with the Agile, which is easily the most comfortable jacket on this list but blandest looking. Finally, Rev’it! has an excellent entry with the Sherwood Air Leather Jacket, which is the ideal jacket to use in a hot climate, where the ventilation will come in handy the most. Thankfully, these jackets all offer a good degree of protection and comfort, but the Carve Master 2 is the clear winner.

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