Top 5 Bell Helmets of 2021


Bell Helmets are one of the top motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world. The brand is known worldwide for its reliability, technological innovations and comfortability. Used by all types of riders, from beginners to professional racers, motocross to circuit racing, Bell is one of the most recognisable brands out there. We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 Bell Helmets of 2021 in Australia, taking into account value for money, comfort, protection and looks.

Top 5 Bell Helmets of 2021

  • Moto-9 Flex
  • Star MIPS
  • Bullitt
  • Qualifier
  • Custom 500

Bell’s Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

Bell’s Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is designed to mitigate rotational forces using a slip-plane system inside the helmet. This layer rotates inside the helmet and reduces the amount of force transferred to and from the head. This means less brain movement and a lowered chance of severe injuries.

Helmet Warranty

All Bell motorcycle helmets have a 5 year warranty period from the date of purchase. This covers defects in quality and the materials used. During this period, Bell Helmets will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any defective part or product when returned by the original owner with proof of purchase. However, the warranty doesn’t cover damage or defects caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, modification, improper repair, water damage, heat damage, neglect, improper handling/storage, or failure to follow instructions for use.

1Bell Moto-9 Flex

Pictured: Bell Moto 9 Flex side view. (Top 5 Bell Helmets of 2021)

Helmet Style: MX

Certifications: Snell | ECE 22.05 | DOT

Shell: Carbon Composite

Sizes: XS-XXL

Shell Sizes: 3

Weight: 1.45kg

Liner: Removable | Washable | Antibacterial

Intercoms Compatible: No

Eyewear Compatible: Yes


+ Bell’s best MX helmet

+ Eject Helmet Removal System

+ Utilizes Bell’s FLEX technology

+ Magnefusion Cheekpads

+ Eject Helmet Removal System ready


Only two visor screws, causing visor to move

The top-of-the-line Bell Moto-9 Flex comes packed with a five-year warranty, plenty of innovative safety features and a carbon composite shell. This is Bell’s best MX helmet and one of the best off-road helmets on the market. This helmet offers a high degree of impact mitigation, incredible quality and amazing comfort. It is easily one of the best looking, sleek and aggressive MX helmets on the market. The only downside to this helmet is that it only has two visor screws, meaning the visor can move slightly while you’re out riding.

The helmet features Bell’s Flex technology, a first-of-its-kind, three-layer impact liner. Flex utilises multiple densities of material to disperse impact energy and reduce rotational energy transfer. Each layer is separated and designed to rotate independently of the head and the other liner layers. This minimizes brain movement and lowers the chances of head and neck damage. The liner is also segmented, allowing for an adaptive, more personalized fit for a wider variety of head shapes. This segmentation, as well as the multitude of vents, help deliver unmatched ventilation throughout the helmet.

The Bell Moto-9 Flex also comes with Bell’s Magnefusion quick cheek pad removal system. You can easily remove these magnetic cheek pads for cleaning or by paramedics in the event of a crash. This helmet is also Eject Helmet Removal System ready. This is a plastic insert fitted inside the crown, linked to a rubber tube. Emergency services can use the tube to pump air into the bag, slowly pushing the helmet off your head. It also comes with a magnetic tip on the D-ring fastening strap, making it easy to secure even with gloves on. The Moto-9 Flex also comes with expanded polystyrene (EPS) behind the chin guard for impact mitigation.

For our full review on the Bell Moto-9 Flex, click here.

2Bell Star MIPS

Pictured: Bell Star MIPS side view (Top 5 Bell Helmets of 2021)

Helmet Style: Full-Face

Certifications: SHARP 5 Stars | Snell | DOT | ECE 22.05

Shell: Fibreglass/Carbon Fibre Composite

Sizes: XS-XXL

Shell Sizes: 5

Weight: 1.5kg

Pinlock Compatible: Yes | Not Included

Included Visor: Anti-fog Visor

Liner: Removable | Washable | Anti-Microbial

Intercoms Compatible: No

Eyewear Compatible: Yes


+ MIPS Equipped

+ X-Static Liner & Eyewear Compatible

+ 5 Shell Sizes


Lack of Speaker Pockets

An incredible release from a reputable brand, it’s hard to beat the safety features packed into the Bell Star MIPS. This helmet boasts 5 different shell sizes, allowing for a more comfortable fit on different sized heads. It’s also been rated 5/5 stars with the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme (SHARP).

MIPS technology is also integrated into this helmet, which allows the lining and the shell to move independently of each other. This minimises rotational force in the event of a crash. The helmet is also eyewear compatible and comes with Bell’s Magnefusion magnetic cheek pads. You can easily remove the Magnefusion cheek pads for cleaning or by emergency services in the event of a crash. These features mean the helmet is not only incredibly comfortable but also incredibly safe.

The helmet also includes the Bell Panovision Visor, which ensures a field of view that suits all riding styles. However, the visor only has two positions, open and closed, which might not be ideal for people who enjoy having the visor open slightly while out on their ride. Packed with X-static XT2 silver anti-microbial liner, it won’t build up unpleasant scents from prolonged use. Unfortunately, however, there are no integrated speaker pockets in the liner.

3Bell Bullitt

Pictured: Bell Bullitt Side View (Top 5 Bell Helmets of 2021)

Helmet Style: Full Face

Certifications: DOT | ECE 22.05

Shell: 3K Carbon Fibre

Sizes: XS -2XL

Shell Sizes: 3

Weight: 1.4kg

Pinlock Compatible: No

Included Visor: Clear | Bubble or Flat

Liner: EPS Liner

Intercoms Compatible: Yes

Eyewear Compatible: Yes


+ Excellent build quality with retro style

+ Excellent ventilation

+ Comfortable and safe


Takes a while to break in

Small Chin Bar

Not very aerodynamic

Are you looking for a unique, vintage-styled helmet with a premium build and many modern protective features? The Bell Bullitt is an excellent choice and one of the most popular models released by the popular helmet manufacturer. It’s built with a low-profile, high-quality composite shell and is fitted with a D-Ring closure system, making it easy to secure and keep in place. In addition, this helmet has the option of coming with a bubble visor, which assists in keeping your view clear of any moisture build-up from the rain.

The interior is made incredibly comfortable with the inclusion of brown micro-suede lining with leather trim 3-D cut cheeks, which act as a speaker pocket, and contour to most face shapes nicely. The liner is also removable and washable, which is an excellent modern addition to a retro-themed helmet. The Bell Bullitt also features a superb ventilation system, which isn’t seen too often on retro helmets. There are 5 intakes and one rear exhaust. The lining creates a channel inside the helmet to get the airflow all around your head. Ultimately, this is an incredibly comfortable and safe helmet.

There are a few downsides, though. First, this helmet is not very aerodynamic. Due to the overly round shape, buffetting and bobbing will happen, especially when travelling at high speeds. It also takes a while to break in, so if it feels slightly tight-fitting at first, give it a few weeks. Unfortunately, the chin bar isn’t the most durable, but it is much better protection than a 3/4 open face helmet can offer.

4Bell Qualifier

Pictured: Bell Qualifier side view (Top 5 Bell Helmets of 2021)

Helmet Style: Full-Face

Certifications: SHARP 3 Stars | DOT | ECE 22.05

Shell: Polycarbonate

Sizes: XS-XXXL

Shell Sizes: 3

Weight: 1.56kg

Pinlock Compatible: No

Included Visor: Nutrafog II Coated Clear Visor

Liner: Removable | Washable | Anti-Microbial

Intercoms Compatible: Yes

Eyewear Compatible: Yes


+ 5 Year Warranty

+ Excellent Ventilation

+ Features a wind collar


3 star SHARP rating

no chin or nose guard

difficult to use with glasses

Searching for a helmet that you can wear comfortably all year round from a reputable brand? The Bell Qualifier is the answer. This helmet features air vents placed strategically around the helmet, which can be opened and closed depending on the temperature. The ability to regulate the amount of air hitting your face is a wonderful addition. Thanks to this feature and the Nutrafog II anti-fog coating on the visor, fogging is minimised on this helmet. This, combined with the interior padding that has been contoured with laser technology, guarantees comfortability in all conditions and climates.

With integrated speaker pockets, a wind collar, and a Bell ClickRelease mechanism for the visor, there are not many helmets out there that can compete. Like all Bell helmets, the Qualifier also comes with a 5-year warranty.

Unfortunately, it lacks a chin and nose guard, plus it is slightly difficult to use with glasses. It is DOT and ECE 22.05 certified. However, it is only rated 3/5 stars with SHARP. Although the Bell Qualifier doesn’t rate as highly with SHARP, it still manages to be one of the safest entry-level helmets on the market.

5Bell Custom 500

Pictured: Bell Custom 500 Side View (Top 5 Bell Helmets of 2021)

Helmet Style: Open Face

Certifications: DOT | ECE 22.05 | SNELL

Shell: Fibreglass

Sizes: XS – 2XL

Shell Sizes: 5

Weight: 1kg

Liner: Multi-Density EPS Liner

Intercoms Compatible: Yes

Eyewear Compatible: Yes


+ Great Price

+ Excellent Build Quality

+ Super Lightweight



Hard to wear with larger glasses

No where near the same protection as a full face helmet

The Bell Custom 500 has an old-school biker design with incredible value for the money and a multitude of custom finishes. It’s the perfect helmet for anyone riding at low speeds around the city, where you don’t usually travel fast enough to need all the protection you can get from a full-face helmet. In addition, it’s an incredibly lightweight helmet, coming in at a mere 1kg, which is amazing considering how good the build quality is. This open face helmet also gives you an unobstructed view of everything around and in front of you.

Due to the low profile design of the helmet, the brow part of the shell hangs slightly lower than most other motorcycle helmets. In most situations, this isn’t something you would notice. However, if you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses, there is a possibility that they will press down on your nose uncomfortably because of this. Also, due to the helmet being open face, it is fairly noisy and doesn’t offer the same protection a full-face helmet will. But if you frequent the busy streets and you are after an incredibly well-priced helmet that doesn’t skip out on materials and features, the Bell Custom 500 is your best bet.

Final Thoughts

The Bell Moto-9 Flex is one of the best MX helmets on the market, if not the best, and uses many Bell Helmets advanced technology to create a product that offers unparalleled protection and comfort. The Bell Star MIPS is one of the most durable helmets on the market. It is designed for travelling at speed. The Bullitt is an excellent all-around helmet with retro styling, although it isn’t the most aerodynamic design. Bell’s Qualifier is an affordable, four-season helmet with many technological innovations included, but it isn’t quite as durable as the others. Finally, the Bell Custom 500 has a modest price tag, looks old school, and has a lot of protection for an open-face helmet.

Bell’s continuous innovation in helmet design makes it one of the best manufacturers worldwide. Favoured by motorsports drivers and riders, they also produce some of the safest helmets on the market. With helmets to suit every riding style, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect helmet for you.

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