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Motorcycle helmets are one of, if not the most important pieces of protective gear you can buy. Over the years, new construction materials, ways to mitigate rotational forces, and convenient features such as drop-down sun visors have been implemented. As a result, the market is continuously expanding. This might feel overwhelming for some people. But, unfortunately, it might also mean that you end up missing out on simple yet essential information. That is why, in this article, we have compiled motorcycle helmet FAQs and provided answers in a brief but informative manner.

How Long Can You Keep A Motorcycle Helmet?

Helmets must be replaced immediately if they have been involved in a crash. Otherwise, if a helmet is being used regularly, it should be replaced after three years. If the helmet is used casually, 5 years is ideal. This can vary based on the materials used.

Pictured: Old motorcycle helmet, resting on handlebars. (Motorcycle Helmet FAQs)

How Do You Put On A Helmet With Long Hair?

Tie your hair into a ponytail and make sure all of your hair is inside the helmet. You can also braid your hair or tie it into a bun, which keeps the hair neat and out of your face. Alternatively, you can wrap your hair in a bandana, which protects your hair from any potential friction.

Can You Return A Motorcycle Helmet?

Each retailer has its own returns policy that is important to read before purchasing. Usually, though, so long as the helmet and box have no damage or marks, and the helmet is returned in the original packaging shortly after purchase, you can.

Does A Motorcycle Helmet Have To Be DOT Approved?

Helmets that have only DOT certification are not legal for road use in Australia. ECE 22.05 is the certification needed for a helmet to be considered road legal in Australia. So if your helmet is both DOT and ECE 22.05, or just ECE 22.05, you can legally wear it on Australian roads.

Pictured: DOT label location. (Motorcycle Helmet FAQs)

How Do You Mount A GoPro On A Helmet?

Clean all dirt and debris off the helmet before applying a curved adhesive mount in your area of choice. Next, place the GoPro on the mount. To properly secure it in place, use a GoPro tether and locking plug.

How Do You Replace A Visor On A Motorcycle Helmet?

Rest the motorcycle helmet on a soft surface and open the visor as far as it will go. Locate and press the release mechanism one side at a time. This will loosen the visor. Slide the visor off the helmet by pushing it. Next, slide the new visor onto the helmet in the open position, then push it in until you hear a click. Lock the release mechanism in place.

How Tight Is A Helmet Supposed To Be?

Motorcycle helmets should be comfortably snug around the entire head. Make sure there are no pressure points in the helmet. It should be tight enough that it doesn’t move around when you are riding but loose enough to feel snug and comfortable.

Pictured: Man on motorcycle adjusting helmet

How Do You Clean A Visor On A Helmet?

Using an alcohol-based cleaner and a microfibre cloth, gently wipe all smudges and marks from the visor. It is also possible to remove the visor from the helmet and wash it in warm, soapy water. Afterwards, rinse it with water and let it drip dry. Finally, any can remove any marks with window cleaner and soft tissue.

How Do You Wash Motorcycle Helmet Pads?

Helmet pads and liners have simple removal systems, which can be different depending on the helmet you are using. Most are attached by snaps, hooks and loops, or magnets. To clean them, fill a sink with warm, soapy water, gently dip, and massage them until clean. Let them drip dry overnight.

Can You Sell Used Motorcycle Helmets?

So long as you are clear about the age, condition, and certifications, it is legal to sell a secondhand helmet. However, it is not recommended to buy a secondhand helmet. If someone gives false information about any of these, it can cost you your life.

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