Best Motorcycle Jackets For Summer


Motorcycle jackets are an essential part of every riders’ gear. Wearing one could mean the difference between a serious injury and a minor scratch. In order to protect your body, motorcycle jackets are built with thick fabric and armour. But with all this heavy protection covering your body how are you supposed to keep cool in warmer weather? Thankfully, manufacturers like Dainese, Alpinestars and REV’IT! have devised creative solutions to answer this question. But with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know which jacket would be best for you. Here at MotoReview, we’ve picked the best motorcycle jackets for summer in Australia to help you on your ride. When scorching hot weather is the norm, you want the best products on offer, and these jackets live up to that tile.

Best Motorcycle Jackets For Summer 2021

  • Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket
  • REV’IT! Airwave 3
  • Alpinestars T-GP Plus R V3 Air Jacket
  • REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket
  • REV’IT! Sherwood Air Leather Jacket

1Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket

Pictured: Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket Best Motorcycle Jackets For Summer)

Style: Textile

Sizes: S-2XL

Certification: Shoulders: CE Level 1 | Elbows: CE Level 2

Back Protector: Has Pocket | Not Included

Material: QuickDry Fabric | Mesh Fabric Inserts

Liners: Removable Wind-Proof Liner

Ventilation: Perforated Fabric

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: Reflective Inserts

Pockets: 1 Inner Pocket | 2 Outer Pockets

Connection Zippers: Jacket To Pants Fastening System


+ Unmatched ventilation

+ Very lightweight

+ Great protection


Back Protector Needs To Be Purchased Seperately

The Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket is one of the best summer jackets on the market. If you are looking for a jacket that offers unmatched ventilation and makes no compromises in safety, you can’t get much better than it. It’s one of the most popular summer jackets worldwide and for good reason. As soon as the season hits, it’s hard to go even just a few days without hearing or seeing something about it.

Impact zones are covered by CE level 1 impact protectors, while the jacket itself has an A rating for abrasion resistance. Sure, other jackets focus on being the most heavily armoured and impenetrable, but it’s a little overkill for an everyday rider. The Dainese Air Frame D1 is an excellent balance of practicality and protection.

Initially, when I put this jacket on, I noticed how lightweight it was. It felt like I was riding my motorcycle with nothing but a t-shirt on. Thanks to the extended mesh panels, I got a huge amount of air delivered to my entire body. The exhaust pushed the hot air out the back so efficiently that I never noticed it being there.

Like most motorcycle jackets, the Dainese Air Frame D1 doesn’t come with a back protector. You will need to spend a bit more to get one, but they are well worth it. Dainese makes excellent back protectors specifically to fit their jackets, such as this one here. The Wave D1 G2 is CE level 2 and is designed to fit the Dainese Air Frame D1 in particular.

Dainese has proven time and time again that they are the masters at creating excellent motorcycle gear at all price ranges. Thankfully, this jacket won’t break the bank, as it is quite affordable. The amount of features that you get, considering how affordable it is, is mindblowing.

2REV’IT! Airwave 3

Pictured: REV’IT! Airwave 3 Jacket Black

Style: Touring

Sizes: XS – 3XL

Certification: Shoulders: CE I | Elbows: CE I | Abrasion: A

Back Protector: Has Pocket | Not Included

Material: 600D PWR Ripstop | Shell Mesh with Lorica

Liners: Mesh Liner

Ventilation: Yes | Torso and Arms PWR mesh front and back

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: Reflective logo and details

Pockets: Slit Pockets | Inner Pockets

Connection Zippers: Jacket-to-Pants connection zipper


+ Excellent Ventilation

+ Super Lightweight

+ Excellent fit thanks to many adjustment straps


Runs smalls

Featuring PWR Ripstop mesh at the chest and arms for maximum air intake, the REV’IT! Airwave 3 jacket has some of the most effective ventilation available. Since it’s so lightweight, it feels like you are wearing nothing at all, even when riding in 40°C summer heat in the tropics. Thankfully, highly protective with excellent abrasion resistance, especially for a textile jacket.

Although the REV’IT! Airwave 3 jacket runs a size small, getting the correct fit couldn’t be easier. There is an abundance of adjustment straps that do an excellent job of accommodating the vast majority of riders. There are straps at both the upper arm and wrist, as well as on the hips.

Inside the jacket is a sports mesh liner. Thanks to the liner’s 3D Design, air pushed through and channelled through the entire jacket. The added benefit is that you won’t need to worry about getting too sweaty under the jacket, as this liner is able to absorb some moistuire, cooling you off in the process. Ultimately, if you are looking for a jacket that emphasises the importance of airflow and weight reduction, the REV’IT! Airwave 3 will be the best choice for you.

3Alpinestars T-GP Plus R V3 Air Jacket

Pictured: Alpinestars T-GP Plus V3 Air Jacket (Best Motorcycle Jackets For Summer)

Style: Textile

Sizes: S – 4XL

Certification: Shoulders: CE Level 1 | Elbows: CE Level 1

Back Protector: Has Pocket | Not Included

Material: Poly-Fabric

Liners: Mesh Lining

Ventilation: Extended Mesh Panels

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: Reflective Details

Pockets: 2 External Zippered Pockets | 4 Internal Velcro Pockets

Connection Zippers: Jacket-To-Pants Connection Zipper


+ Excellent Protection at a low price

+ Well-ventilated

+ Incredibly comfortable and well-fit


No Removable Liners

The Alpinestars T-GP Plus V3 Air Jacket is exceptionally comfortable, perhaps the most comfortable on this list. Both the upper outer elbows and the back of the shoulders have accordion stretch panels with a comfort liner underneath. This makes a big difference when you have your arms stretched out in front of you all day. It greatly reduces fatigue over long periods, making this jacket ideal for summer touring. This jacket doesn’t come with any removable liners, so you will have to purchase a separate windbreaker or waterproof liner if you need them. In most situations, this is not an issue at all. However, it is nice to have a waterproof liner at the ready. Storms can roll in quickly, and without warning in the Australian climate, so it’s important to be prepared for anything.

Alpinestars have become so good at developing well-fitting jackets that I find it hard to wear other brands when touring. Being a tall person, I usually have problems with the sleeves of jackets. Either the larger sizes will leave me with excess fabric flapping in the wind, or the sleeves don’t fit properly at all, potentially cutting off my circulation. Thankfully, the sleeves come right up to my wrist with no excess fabric. Plus, velcro adjustment straps located on the waist make a huge difference in making this jacket accommodate any body shape.

The ventilation is top-of-the-line, and that is apparent even at a glance. The mesh panels are absolutely enormous, taking up most of the chest and arms. I could even feel the gusts of air coming through as I was pulled up at a red light. The low-speed performance is phenomenal and makes this jacket an ideal candidate for city riding. This is further backed by the level of protection on offer here. This jacket has CE level 1 shoulder and elbows impact protectors, as well as an A rating for abrasion. This is a mark of assurance that it will offer great protection in low-speed slides and impacts. Overall, this jacket is one of the best you can get for your daily commute in summer.

4REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket

Pictured: Rev’it! Eclipse Jacket

Style: Textile

Sizes: S – 4XL

Certification: Shoulders: CE Level 1 | Elbows: CE Level 1

Back Protector: Has Pocket | Not Included

Material: 600D Polyester

Liners: No

Ventilation: Mesh Panels

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: Reflective Chest Logo

Pockets: External Slit Pockets | Inner Pocket

Connection Zippers: Elastic Loop Belt Connection


+ Low Price

+ Excellent fit

+ Moves Alot Of Air


Doesn’t have as many protective features as more expensive jackets

If you’re looking for a strong textile jacket with a simple design, the REV’IT! Eclipse jacket is a smart decision. REV’IT! has been able to keep this jacket at an affordable price point by using A-grade abrasion-resistant 600 denier polyester fabric throughout the entire jacket. This is guaranteed to protect your skin from low-speed impacts and slides. Another excellent thing about this jacket is that you can wear it out and about, and it won’t look out of place. The impact protectors are discrete and rated to CE level 1, adequate for riding at low speeds and around the city.

The ventilated mesh panels on this jacket are some of the largest that I’ve seen. However, it doesn’t detract from protective capabilities either, which is excellent news since the mesh panels take up the majority of the surface area on the jacket. If you want additional protection, there is a space for a Seesoft CE level 2 back protector, and thankfully, this won’t take away from the ventilation. These particular back protectors are built with breathability and air channelling in mind.

Thanks to the adjustment straps at the wrist and waist, plus the top-tier design of the jacket, the fit is remarkable. Much like the T-GP Plus R V3 Air jacket, this jacket is one that you can wear all day, every day. It’s close-fitting, and nothing rides up or flaps in the wind. Although the REV’IT! Eclipse doesn’t have the protective features of more expensive jackets, the low price more than makes up for it. The protection on offer is all you need for riding around in the city but don’t expect to go racing in this jacket.

5REV’IT! Sherwood Air Leather Jacket

Pictured: Rev’it! Sherwood Air Leather Jacket

Style: Urban

Sizes: S – 3XL

Certification: Shoulders: CE I | Elbows: CE I

Back Protector: Has Pocket | Not Included

Material: Perforated Cowhide

Liners: Removeable Thermal Liner

Ventilation: Yes | Perforations

Waterproof Shell: No

Reflectors: No

Pockets: Inner Pockets

Connection Zippers: Short connection zipper


+ Excellent ventilation

+ Fairly good protection


Needs an additional base layer if it is cold

Built out of perforated cowhide leather for optimal airflow and abrasion resistance, the REV’IT! Sherwood Air leather jacket is extremely well ventilated. It comes with CE Level I shoulder and back protection, as well as a pocket for a Seesoft back protector. Unfortunately, however, the back protector isn’t included.

This jacket has pre-curved sleeves, which is extremely beneficial for leather jackets. It prevents you from constantly stretching the material, making this jacket extremely comfortable on both short and extended rides. Additionally, whilst leather jackets are normally unsuitable for summer riding, the perforations on this material help to increase airflow in the jacket and cool you down. There is also additional safety stitching in high-risk areas. This prevents the jacket from falling apart in critical zones and adds a great amount of safety.

The Sherwood Air leather jacket comes with a removable inner thermal vest, but you will want an additional base layer once the weather starts to cool down. The thermal vest does not have any sleeves, but the jacket has perforations on the arms. Because of this, it isn’t the best all-year jacket, but it most definitely is an incredible and durable summer jacket. In addition, there is additional safety stitching in high-risk areas.

Final Thoughts

This list was slightly more difficult than others. Finding that balance between ventilation, comfort and protection, especially when considering affordability, was a daunting process. However, over the years, each of these jackets has consistently been popular for summer and for good reason. Whilst, they won’t give you the same protection as a race-ready jacket, they all still ensure your protection out on the road. These jackets excel at being the most comfortable pieces of gear you can wear on a hot summer day. They’re so lightweight and have such a high level of ventilation that sometimes you don’t even notice you’re wearing them. If you’re looking for your next favourite summer jacket in Australia, these are the ones for you.

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