About Us

MotoReview was created by a small team of dedicated Aussie riders who are passionate about powersports and all things motorcycling. From adventure riding to racing and everything else in-between, our contributors have the expertise and experience to bring you all the motorcycle knowledge and know-how you need.

What Do We Do?

  • Teach and educate new/beginner riders
  • Keep our readers up to date on the latest industry news
  • Provide in-depth, authentic product reviews on bikes, parts, and gear
  • Give our readers our recommendations based on facts and first-hand experiences
  • Cover all areas of interest from motocross and racing to cruisers and superbikes
  • Provide our readers with entertaining content, offers and honest reivews

We are committed to bringing our readers the latest motorcycle news, reviews, and racing results. Here at MotoReview we are dedicated to putting a spotlight on Aussie riders, competitions, and the entire motorcycling industry here in Australia. From educating new riders, to keeping you up to date on the latest news, we’re here to bring entertaining and engaging content for anyone and everyone passionate about motorcycles.

Want To Join The Team?

We’re always on the look-out for passionate riders to join the team here at MotoReview. If you’ve ever thought about writing, editing, or photography and are passionate about motorcycles send us an email to express your interest in contributing to MotoReview.

For more info on how to contribute to our website or to express your interest in joining the team, please contact us using the email address below: